Chocolate-dipped Stories

The mere mention of chocolate can always bring a grin to one’s face. To add flavor to your life, we decided to feature two chocolate artisans who are one-of-a-kind: Diana Peiris and Nisha Hathiramani. This is the story of how they turn their chocolate-covered ideas into a business reality by adding a unique twist on chocolate that we see and eat all the time. 

“We don’t consider ourselves chocolatiers, but we do wish to revolutionize Sri Lankan “snacking” and breakfasts. In late 2019, we launched our company. We started with hummus and worked our way up to granolas. I believe we are the only ones who offer a gluten-free granola range, bliss balls, and, of course, chocolate bark.”

Dip Choc

Diana Peiris, co-owner of ‘Dips & Spreads’ along with her husband Anton Peiris, discussed their “Dark Chocolate Bark,” which is part of their “treats” line. This indulgent Chocolate Bark is made up of perfectly tempered chocolate that has been lavishly scattered with almonds, flowers, and dried fruit. It packs a delectable “snap” and a smooth chocolate texture. They offer a variety of unique, excellent products with five different flavors: Nutty, Nutty Nai Miris, Hazelnut, Cranberry Rose and Orange Cacao Nibs. The Nai Miris one is the one that draws the most attention, it was created by Anton and is currently a firm favorite.

 “It was born out of our family’s need for imported chocolates during last year’s quarantine period. As a business that produces granola, I had everything I needed on hand, and one thing led to another, and we ended up with dessert.”  Diana explained to us how their passion for gourmet chocolate inspired the creation of the ‘Bark’. 

dip choc

Diana and Anton put their hearts and souls into these products, and they enjoy doing so every day. Diana went on to tell us how much she enjoyed her job. “I’m a foodie at heart. If it’s the television, I’m watching a cooking show. If it’s a book, it is about food. Cookbooks are, in fact, some of my favorite books to read. So I adore everything we do at Dips & Spreads and just being immersed in it.” 

The important part is, each of their products has its own “selling feature.” The hummus is dairy-free, and the granola is sugar-free, and packed with nuts and seeds. Their Quinoa Granola is free of gluten. While these snacks are made with chocolate that is 55% cocoa, they are all devoid of contaminants. Their goal is to make fresh, natural, and nutritious breakfast and snack alternatives more accessible.

You can buy their products by visiting ‘Park Street Gourmet’ in Park Street, Colombo 02 and ‘Home Bargains’ in Ward Place, Colombo 07. These products can also be purchased online via Colombo Deli (077-393-5053),, and

dip Choc

Chocolate is a delightful remedy for a bad day. Some people try to make other peoples’ days better by adding more flavor to what they like to do. TGIH! was formed to create delightful ways to eat healthily. With this in mind, they offer snacking alternatives to people who wish to include healthy eating habits in their lives.

Their ‘Dark Chocolate Bars’ and ‘Nut Butter Cups’ will turn your day round the moment you take your first bite. These handcrafted Dark chocolate bars are available in a variety of flavors, including nuts and dried fruit.

 “At TGIH! we don’t skimp on nuts, ensuring that each bar is packed with nuts or a combination of nuts and dried fruit.” 

Their nut butter cups, produced with their own home-made nut butters, are also a big hit. Cashew butter cups, peanut butter cups, and chocolate cashew butter cups are the most popular varieties.

dip choc

When we asked Nisha Hathiramani what motivated her to start this business, she remarked “Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has very few such guiltfree treats and we are stuck with the standard milk chocolate bars. Our love for dark chocolate and different kinds of nuts and dried fruit led us to make a little healthy treat that we could enjoy once in a way without feeling too guilty about having something sweet.” 

Having experimented with exotic flavors and selecting what to use, and after sending some of the items to their friends and receiving positive comments, they decided to add these delicious chocolate delights to their assortment of healthy snacking alternatives. Their product invention is inspired by their desire to try out new flavors. Among their favorites are nut butter and dark chocolate, as well as unusual combinations like chilli with orange and dark chocolate. They come in seven different flavors right now. You can’t seem to find something you like? Don’t worry, they also offer personalized items according to the customer’s needs.  

According to Nisha, the crew of TGIH! are also huge admirers of dark chocolate. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious bar of dark chocolate? This bittersweet delight is a superfood classic since it’s a healthy and guilt-free snack high in antioxidants and nutrients. What makes it all worthwhile is the joy they provide to people with their unique and scrumptious products, as well as the fact that anybody can now enjoy these guilt-free home-made goodness without having to rely solely on imported products.

Doesn’t matter if you are having a good day or a bad day, you can now treat yourself to these delicious products by contacting them directly or placing an order online via their Instagram: @tgih_sl. They also have a range of dark chocolate bars available for purchase via Colombo Deli (077-393-5053). You can also send them a simple WhatsApp message on 0761278 200 to place your order. 

Written by Isora Liyanaarachchi 

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