HNB Club: Members only

Personalised, holistic service for a members only banking experience; an interview with Michelle De Silva – Head of Club, The Club HNB.

1. What is the mission of ‘The Club HNB’?
The mission of ‘The Club’ is to understand the unique needs of our individual clients and offer our services through an exclusive value proposition, in an atmosphere of creativity & excellence.

2. How does being part of ‘The Club HNB’ add value for customers?
We look to design services & curate experiences’ that meet our customers’ needs beyond just managing their money. Our Relationship Managers are trained to offer expertise across a range of sophisticated financial solutions from Banking, advisory, protection & lifestyle. We offer our clients’ choice & flexibility in managing their finances while preserving the personal touch & accessibility they expect.

3. What are the benefits for customers?
We serve clients in a holistic way. Beginning right at the personal point of contact our Relationship Managers will provide guidance on how to make the most of the Club value proposition. We work with different business partners that play an important role in our ecosystem, offering a number of different Advisory & Concierge services from wealth management & legal advisory to Art & Precious stones!
When the pandemic struck, both our overseas & local medical concierge services were of great value and when the time is right to travel again, our travel concierge & benefits await our customers.
Among the core Banking products & services we offer the Visa Club Infinite Card – the highest card proposition HNB offers its Club customers with specially designed experiences to access over 900+ lounges at Airports around the world to global concierge services offering our customers a range of diverse products & services.

4. Overall banking sector outlook, prospective for customers?
Today the purchasing power of our money has impacted our standard of living. Inflation and interest rates tend to work in tandem & as interest rates move higher they become a more attractive investment compared to riskier investments like stock or real estate.
From that point of view, the smart strategy would be to lock in long term savings investments & take advantage of compounding. Because as things start improving as it should, rates will start coming down.

5. Attracting more Club customers, is there a different approach from other banks?
The Club HNB is an on-invitation proposition. When you become a member at The Club, you are instantly a part of a niche community of like-minded people. Our exceptional customer care helps build relationships & trust with our customers. It’s really about customer centricity when we think about ways of moving the needle.

6. Why should The Club be considered?
The Club Brand offering is both factual & emotional.
a) We offer the Family office concept where we engage & extend the proposition to all generations of the family. Understanding and offering solutions across generations.
b) The collaborative partnerships we offer through select specialists who add value in performing non-core activities that help us build an ecosystem that can maximize client benefits.
c) With the transition of transactions & experiences to digital platforms, we realise the importance of extending touchpoints with customers beyond traditional banking transactions through an Omni Channel customer engagement strategy that offers easy access and information.
d) A key differentiator for ‘The Club’ is to build an environmental and social mission, alongside our pursuit for growth & profitability. Everything we do revolves around promoting economic progress and improving the lives of the communities we serve in.

7. Why are High Net Worth (The Club) clients’ important to banks?
These clients bring a unique opportunity to Banks. HNB’s focus on this segment is because we understand the opportunity & the significance of this niche market.

8. Is there a segment of promoting economic progress and clients for whom priority banking would be most beneficial?
Private Banking is for High-Net-worth Individuals who value privacy & convenience in its most authentic form. Discerning individuals who value good advice and information enabling them to make informed decisions that help them preserve and grow their wealth.

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