John Keells Properties – Redefining Real Estate through Innovation & Resilience

As a leader in Sri Lanka’s real estate industry, John Keells Properties (JKP) continues to reshape the industry’s future. Through ground-breaking initiatives such as 7th Sense, The Monarch, The Emperor, OnThree20, TRI-ZEN apartments and Cinnamon Life, John Keells Properties has made its mark across the Colombo’s skyline. Venturing further, JKP has taken centre stage as Sri Lanka’s contemporary golf destination through Victoria Golf Resort. With the expertise and real estate acumen that has been built for years, JKP creates the ultimate living experience to its customers by deep diving into lifestyles and preferences that are key factors that influence the industry. As a developer, JKP has seen a change in approach and behaviour towards certain aspects of the industry. Mainly with regards to investments in leisure linked developments where investors are looking for hassle free investment options that promise a healthy return on investment, with minimal involvement. Similarly, it has become evident that the expansion of the local highway network has paved the way for more developments springing up closer to the highway access points in the periphery of the city of Colombo. An increase in the number of leisurelinked developments coming up in the hill country and along the coastline especially in the southern coast of the island, is visibly seen as a result. A slowdown of new projects is also expected in the short to medium term, giving an advantage to developers with remaining inventory in completed developments. In this light, Nadeem Shums Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing in the Property Development Sector of John Keells PLC, shared further insights on why this is an advisable investment during an economic setback. “Real estate has always been considered a good hedge against inflation. In a time of crisis, investors look for safe havens to put their money into and real estate is one of the most preferred alternatives.” He continues, “The high construction costs prevailing today, means that you cannot replace the developments that have been completed or are close to completion in the future. Therefore, anyone looking at purchasing an apartment today will most certainly benefit as construction costs and land prices will only continue to increase over time.”

Purchasing an apartment is not only about the prices, but also its liveability. JKP understands that the perception of liveability of apartments have changed over the past years. Hence, they ventured into many aspects of modern living through their initiatives. Understanding contemporary living and the convenience brought in through smart technology, JKP promises customers dream homes that are engineered for modern tech through TRI-ZEN apartments. Further, JKP sets the tone for luxury living through Cinnamon Life apartments where luxury meets the essence of convenience and comfort right at the heart of the city. Away from the prodigious commitments in Colombo, JKP has dipped into a whole new scheme with the announcement of the latest addition to their repertoire of landmark residential developments. The 16 Holiday Home development Sunrise Ridge is located in Digana within Victoria Golf Resort. Speaking about this distinctive home-away-from-home project, Nayana Mawilmada, President, John Keells Holdings and Sector Head, John Keells Properties mentions that “away from the city’s hustle-bustle in an exclusive community well provided for, together with scenic beauty, fresh air and also being able to profit from growth in tourism is indeed an attractive offer. Additionally, it is also located in a world-class golf course making it all the more unique.” Along with these monumental milestones, John Keells Properties hope to complete the construction of TRI-ZEN apartments by the end of 2023. Further, Cinnamon Life will unlock a plethora of new experiences and world class luxury amenities in the heart of the city. Thus, John Keells Properties continues to redefine the real estate industry through passion, innovation, inspiration, and trust.

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