The Hollywood Connection

Chandran Rutnam can best be described as an adventurer. Best known for his own movie pursuits, listening to him relate his life, the experiences he has had, the risks he always faced head on, and their triumphs, are what one would expect from a good old rollicking Hollywood adventure, starring Chandran Rutnam.

He is a one of a kind personality. So when you think of featuring very interesting Sri Lankans, he certainly tops the list. From cutting his teeth working on David Lean’s cinematic masterpiece, Bridge on the River Kwai, to chasing his movie dream half way across the world and never looking back, it gives you a glimpse into a world during better times, one bursting with the raw magic of what it meant to make a film back then. Hence, this month’s cover story is one that you must sit back, relax, grab a drink, and settle in for the whole nine yards of a story told by the man himself.

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