The pioneer and legend in aesthetic medicine that is Dr. Cherry

How much do you enjoy helping people look and feel their best?
Seeing the look of satisfaction on my clients’ faces has been, and is, my ultimate goal today and every day. They shower me with all the clients love I can get upon achieving up to mark results. Nevertheless, my vision is to see every individual turning into the best version of themselves. Evidently, aesthetic medicine has been a substantial solution when it comes to enhancing one’s natural features. It paves the way in creating greater self-esteem and confidence in your own skin.

What attracted you to your career?
Practising medicine with an intention to make someone look and feel better was my sole attraction. I felt like I possessed the power to achieve this.

What is the most enticing part of your job?
The most enticing part about being the founder of 360 wellness is letting my beautiful clients know that they can look and feel better than how they already perceive themselves to be. Showing them all the possibilities is self-satisfying.

Why did you choose to become a doctor? Why have you chosen this field of speciality?
Since childhood my ambition was to become a doctor. Specialising in beauty and skincare was the icing on the cake. And so, I incorporated both components and specialized in aesthetic medicine. I was mentored at the Sri Lankan Army hospital by a profound dermatologist. Consequently, I obtained my diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

What are the unique and different skills you have, as a doctor?
I’ve been practising as a cosmetic doctor for more than 4 years, it’s a constant learning experience, enabling me to do more than I could yesterday to assist my clients.

What does innovation mean to you in this industry?
The world is changing on a daily basis. Introducing new treatments and technologies is a normal routine. All of us have access to so much information. It’s all about learning and adapting.

What is your philosophy with medicine and treating patients?
Your skin, your way. We offer you with innovative treatments, extra care and a safer yet effective way to achieve the results you need. We invest in the latest technology, certify, and train our experienced staff and understand your skin is unique, every treatment is tailored specially for you. Nevertheless, results vary from person to person and treatment to treatment. With the help of cosmetic procedures however, I feel that you can go beyond your limits with optimum results. Human beings always try to portray their best image to others. Aesthetics has contributed to this for many years, but the cult of today’s society on youth and physical image has helped us to find new treatments that would respond better and better to this social demand

The philosophy in simple terms is no matter what your concern is related to, it’s about beautifying yourself inside out.

Tell us a bit about your background — did you always know you wanted to become a doctor in this field of medicine?
My biggest supporter has always been my father. It was my father’s dream to see me become a doctor. He knew that it was my childhood ambition, and he noticed my potential as I was always top in my class. He initiated the process of sending me overseas in order I may pursue my education in medicine.

Where would you like to see the beauty industry go from here?
The aesthetics injectables market has historically grown by more than 10 percent a year. Shifting consumer attitudes about wellness, beauty, and healthy aging have increased awareness and the acceptance of aesthetics, generating demand from new patient segments, including men and millennials. I see this industry growing majorly and more people taking care of themselves physically and mentally.

What has been your career highlight to date?
Starting 360 wellness was a big dream many years in the making. As a businesswoman, I faced a myriad of struggles on this road to success. Throughout my journey there were many obstacles, and even times when I almost gave up. Although my father had prepared and paved the way for me to study abroad for 6 years, I was really afraid as I had to live on my own without family for the first time. It was hard but sometimes elevation requires separation, and this taught me to be selfsufficient and independent and of course taught me the value of family. Once I returned to sit for my exams, I was under a lot of pressure to get married. So, whilst sitting for my exams I got married. I had to do my internship in Jaffna. Amidst such challenges I was blessed enough to be able to build my beautiful family. It was no picnic, but what’s better than being blessed with a handsome prince and a beautiful little princess. And I truly believe that what you go through in life makes you who you are. In that aspect, I wouldn’t change anything as those hardships and obstacles have made me who I am today.

What are some career milestones still left for you to achieve?
I want 360 wellness to be a universal phenomenon: leaving everyone feeling like the best version of themselves.

Speaking of treatments, can you tell us one new treatment/procedure that you are most excited about and why?
EMSCULPT is the world’s first treatment which helps patients build muscle and sculpt their bodies, non-invasively. 360 wellness is the first cosmetic medical centre to offer this cutting-edge technology in Sri Lanka

How do you manage work/life balance as an entrepreneur?
24 hours in a day is barely enough, let’s start there. Somehow, I’ve tailored a balance between my work, family, fitness and also make time for self-care. The key to working a balance is staying organized. I start my day with my morning essential warm lime and honey and then I get my kids ready for school. I Have a quick on the go breakfast, mostly a smoothie. And then I’m off to work/hospital. I work for about 5-6 hours a day. I have my lunch in between. I’m not a fan of rice so it’s usually a high protein meal. Once I’m done with my consultations and procedures, I get back home. I then spend time with my family whilst I respond to clients’ messages as most of the time there are many questions and doubts when it comes to aesthetic medicine. I always make sure my clients are 100% comfortable before and after procedures. I have a quick power nap and then I hit the gym. Back home for dinner and that’s when I’m done for the day.

By: Louzanne Perera


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