Skinnyherbs is a brand that was created to bridge ancient remedies to the modern world using indigenous medicine, ancient traditions and holistic health practices. Infamously known as “theskinnyherbs,” on Instagram has many unique and interesting recipes to incorporate SkinnyHerbs products into your diet while also sharing many customer satisfaction reviews and testimonials.

“SkinnyHerbs” is the pride and joy of Thushari Liyanage. Thushari grew up in a household where her grandparents constantly prioritized ancient traditions and holistic health practices, which inspired her from a very young age to embrace natural and Ayurvedic traditions. 

She truly believes that by preserving ancient forms of indigenous botany, we keep alive a very sacred aspect to our planet. In recent years indigenous botany studies and the preservation of indigenous plants in Sri Lanka have become very challenging due to climate changes, economic and financial instabilities, and many more socio-political reasons. SkinnyHerbs, by utilizing these endemic and native plants in Sri Lanka, is not only preserving a dying tradition but promoting the cultivation of more indigenous plants. 

According to Thushari, SkinnyHerbs was founded to bridge ancient healing traditions and plant remedies with today’s world. When it comes to SkinnyHerbs, Thushari took a generational recipe and turned it into a thriving business that promotes healthy, organic, and natural remedies to tackle bodily irregularities. Thushari, who has a profound understanding and interest in the country’s deep history and rich heritage in holistic health practices and indigenous medicine, wanted to create something meaningful that embraced our heritage and to develop remedies that would benefit people from all walks of life. 

Besides the quality ingredients and recipes, SkinnyHerbs is known for its eye-catching packaging. The products come in colorful Zip-lock bags and bold prints. One of the biggest reasons for such a design in the SkinnyHerbs packaging is the need to create an allure to Ayurvedic products, especially to the younger generations. Most Ayurvedic products we see today have a lesser appeal with the younger generations, So it was Thushari’s decision to create packaging which is more fun, colorful, bright, and unique with beautiful floral patterns to attract the younger crowds. 

All the products SkinnyHerbs promote at the moment are detox powders that will not only aid in weight loss but also have various other benefits. SkinnyHerbs is devoted to making potent remedies that honor the principles of harmony and ancient formulation with years of anecdotal and traditional evidence, which has already proven to be very successful and loved by many. Like any other business, SkinnyHerbs underwent a trial and error phase to create the perfect blend with the best ingredients. Most users started loving the products from the beginning; however, they did make some changes to the product names and the package designs. When creating a business, there’s a lot to consider, and SkinnyHerbs is one of those rare companies that have thought about it all. 

When asked the question of how to stay afloat or stand out amongst the plethora of slim teas and other market competitors, Thushari had a great answer, “Whichever industry you choose, competition will always be there; I believe as long as you promote a product adding value to lives using excellent marketing tools with different & unique perspectives, you sustain.”

SkinnyHerbs has already won over the hearts of many, evident by the hundreds of testimonials and happy customer reviews they leave behind. This is solely the doing of a great recipe blend and high-quality products. When it comes to consumer goods, especially items we ingest, a lot of care and thought should be put into it. This is why SkinnyHerbs uses only organic & locally sourced ingredients while supporting true fair trade practices in all aspects. They are also in the process of acquiring SLS and other necessary certifications at the moment. 

SkinnyHerbs is a successful Sri Lankan brand that started with all the right intentions. Although it is at a start-up level, the small business shows a lot of potential to be a thriving business with its exceptional customer reviews and high-quality blends.


Message from the founder of SkinnyHerbs;

“I founded SkinnyHerbs with the intent of sharing a medicinal herb line that integrated holistic health practices & Ancient formulations with everyone, so we certainly want to make it widely available locally and globally in time to come. And I wanted to create a business that not only provided an actual pure and powerful form of healthcare, but also help preserve our lands and local economies through organic agriculture and spread wellness and optimism with everyone. Even though we are still at the beginning of our journey, many people already welcome SkinnyHerbs into their daily routines. We feel privileged, proud, and grateful at the same time for being able to share such valuable remedies with the world.

By Garisha Hearth

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